An SEO desktop application
built for macOS, Windows, Linux

Provides a set of essential tools and utilities for your SEO tasks, including Backlink Analytics, Traffic Analytics, Keyword Clustering, etc.

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No Backlinks, Organic Traffic Data?
We've got you covered

Plug in your DataForSEO API key to pull data instantly. Pay-as-you-go, no expensive monthly subscription. Just like OpenAI API.

Backlinks Analytics

🔗 Level up your link analysis game with the ultimate backlink checker. Evaluate and compare link profiles like a pro!

Traffic Analytics

🚀 Unleash your marketing potential! Uncover rivals' traffic stats, identify growth opportunities, and supercharge your strategy.

Export competitors' keywords and analyze their top pages to learn, adapt, and lead in the market.


No keyword ideas?
Explore the largest keyword databases.

Discover DataForSEO's vast keyword database of 9 billion keywords. Utilize 200 keyword modifiers on Google and Bing Autocomplete for diverse suggestions. Access Bulk PAA to extract "People also ask" keywords for valuable customer insights.

Keyword Explorer

🔍 Discover new keyword ideas, spy on your competition, gauge keywords difficulty, search volume, CPC, etc.

Bulk Autocomplete

⚡ Unlike keyword tools that omit lower volume keywords, Google/Bing Autocomplete exposes long-tail and high-intent keywords.

Enter multiple seed keywords into SEO Utils, and it will generate thousands of high-intent keyword ideas for you.


Don't Know How to Group Keywords?

Do you frequently question if two keywords can be targeted together on a page, or struggle with a large list of keywords that ChatGPT or other tools can't cluster due to token limits or cost?

Keyword Clustering

Run SERP and Semantic Clustering on an unlimited number of keywords. No subscription or credit-based per keyword.

SERP Similarity

The SERP Similarity tool quickly shows the overlap between two keywords, helping to decide if they can be targeted together on the same page.


Google Search Console Integration

Providing advanced features such as checking if a keyword appears in the title, headings, and body of a page. It also supports bulk indexing of URLs on autopilot. Plus, you can pull all keywords from your Google Search Console account, not just limited to 1,000 or 25,000.

Bulk Check Mentions

🔍 Easily pull and bulk check all mentions of your keywords with a single click, helping you understand and enhance their ranking.

Auto Index Pages

Index as many URLs and websites as you want on Google, Bing, and other search engines. It all runs automatically on your machine, ensuring privacy without any additional costs.


Content Ideas & Generation

Are you facing a challenge in coming up with new content ideas and constrained by a tight budget to hire professional writers for your website's content?

Content Gap

Find topics and keywords your competitors use but you don't, enabling you to fill these gaps in your content. This enhances your site's SEO and ensures you cover all relevant areas in your niche.

AI Content Writer

You don't need to bring your OpenAI API Key; all Large Language Models are loaded on your machine, allowing you to generate thousands of articles without any additional fees.

Plus, we support models from OpenAI, giving you the option to switch if you choose.


Rank Tracker

Track your website's and Google My Business profile ranking across unlimited keywords and grid points. Plus, gain insights about your competitors to help you devise better strategies for improving your ranking.

Google My Business Rank Tracker

This tool lets you track your Google Business profile's ranking on Google Maps search results for specific locations. It also provides insights about your competitors, helping you develop strategies to improve your ranking.

Organic SERP Rank Tracker

Track your website's ranking on Google, Bing on multiple devices and locations.


Other Features

Entities Extractor (Soon)
Extract entities from your website and competitors to identify the gaps.
Backlink Gap
Compare your site's backlinks with competitors and find new link-building opportunities
Sitemap Extractor
Easily extract URLs from sitemaps, helping you to analyze any website's structure
Content Explorer (Soon)
Discover trending topics, helping you to create relevant and engaging content
Bulk Analysis
Quickly assess backlinks and traffic for multiple websites in a single bulk analysis
Keyword Tracking (Soon)
Monitor unlimited keywords, including competitor analysis, desktop and mobile results, and local results.
SERP Diff (Soon)
A tool that provides SERP Historical Data, enabling you to compare search results across different dates
Missing a Tool?
Can't find your favorite tools? Let us know!

Not so frequently asked

Anyway, you might learn something important here.

What is the source of backlinks and traffic data?
SEO Utils pulls backlinks and traffic data from your DataForSEO account, and you need a DataForSEO account to pull backlink, traffic, keyword data (Just like OpenAI API). Read more about it here.
How many keywords that I can run clustering on?
Unlimited, and no extra cost or credit-based system.
Which languages does the keyword clustering tool support?
Many languages. It depends on which embedding model you select. Read more about it here.
Does the keyword clustering tool require a DataForSEO account?
No, it runs on your computer without any dependencies.
Do I need to have SEO Utils while I already have an Ahrefs or SEMRush account?
Why not? With more data comes greater insights. In particular, a rich keyword database allows you to uncover and analyze trending topics, aiding in the creation of content that resonates with your audience and fills any gaps to align more closely with their interests.
What if I don't want to pay the commitment on the Backlinks API of DataForSEO?
SEO Utils has a feature that will allow you to rent a key from SEO Utils without having to make a commitment to access Backlinks API. Please note that you don't need to pay a monthly commitment for keyword or traffic data.
What does "One year of updates" mean?
One license key allows you to use the current app version forever. They are also eligible for one year of free updates to the app. If you don't want to renew the license after one year, you can continue to use the last version of the app that you have access to.

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One year of updates (*)
(*) One license key allows you to use the current app version forever. They are also eligible for one year of free updates to the app. If you don't want to renew the license after one year, you can continue to use the last version of the app that you have access to.